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Okay you think that you want to go to nursing school. You’re deciding about your choice with which program you want to go with…

You want to consider top nursing schools. And the first way to consider the top nursing schools is to look at US News and world report. I believe this is put together every three years this is based on all types of statistics graduation statistics passing rates for the national certifications the number of people in your program the number of people in your classes the length of your classes.

All of that can be found in the US News and World Report ranking of the top programs.

Top program will be ranked 100, it will move down the list from there. So take that into consideration when considering your top nursing schools. You’ll also have to take a test to get into nursing schools. In many cases that might be the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).

Every nursing school program is different but you might have to take the TEAS exam to go to your nursing program there may be another type of nursing entrance test that they require, but the TEAS exam is very popular right now. And you can go to find some TEAS practice questions. If you need some help with that.

Taking all of this into consideration when you consider the top nursing schools, you might want to consider public versus private. And there may be a huge difference in cost here for your nursing program. There’s a big difference in public and private school thinking about that. Each school is completely different, they have different program lengths and requirements of all types.

You’re also going to want to look at passing rates for the graduating students. There’s a test out there called the NCLEX.

You’re going to want to look at passing rates for this exam. This is given to all nurses, all fifty states, if you wanted to be certified as a nurse you have to pass this test. There’s an RN version and a PN version. You want to look at how well does this school prepare me for the NCLEX.

Talk to people at your local hospital, any medical professionals that you know. Realize that one person’s experience may be negative even though the program may be great. So talk to a wide variety of people when considering your nursing program and thinking about which top nursing school you want to go to. Thank you..

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