PN Nursing Program (Practical Nursing)

Instructor MICHAEL PINKERTON: I think the reasons that people get into the nursing profession or the nursing as a nursing career, is they… they want to make a difference. What we try to do is help them be as prepared as possible to make that difference in patients lives.

Student: I knew that nursing was the field I wanted to be in. I fell in love with working with the residents and developing a relationship with them. It is a great program and I’ve learned a lot not only about nursing, but you learn a lot about yourself, too. It is a very rewarding experience.

Instructor CHRISTINE THOMPSON: The PN program is a certificate program that lasts for 1 year – two 15 week semesters. In the first semester the PN student will go to the nursing home for their clinicals.

The second semester, they move on to med surgery, in the clinic nursing along with a specialty programs, which include maternity peds in mental health nursing.

Instructor MICHAEL: They will give medications. They will be doing dressing changes, doing interviews in the doctor’s office. They’ll be getting vital signs. They’ll be doing all of the things that you would associate with nursing.

Student: I would definitely recommend that they go into the LPN program first. Other people that have been into the LPN program who want to go into the RN have done really well.

Instructor CHRISTINE: If you have a solid foundation, building and going on to the RN program is going to be less stressful. That foundation is critical. It sets the tone in the base of who they’re going to be as a nurse.

Instructor MICHAEL: It gives them a certificate at the end of one year, where they can sit for their national licensing examination, for licensed practical nursing. The simulation laboratories here at SUNY Canton give them the opportunity to experience real-life nursing. They get feedback from these the mannequins. They’re able to simulate those conditions that they’re going to come up against as nurses.

Student: All the instructors I work with have worked out in the field. I think that that helps us the most because they can bring their stories in and tell us about it.

Instructor CHRISTINE: And we can relate with the students and give them good experience on what we’ve seen in practice. They can always find my peer or I. We’re very available to the students. They love the one-on-one attention they get. And they’re always getting us into new things that is in our scope of practice.

Student: We can talk to them about everything because they’ve already been in our positions before.

Instructor MICHAEL: The camaraderie in the nursing program is really nice to see. The students are with each other not only in the classroom, but in the laboratories and also in the extended care facilities or the nursing homes that they’re working in. They build relationships that will last them the rest of their career.

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