How to Choose a Nursing Program

[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s going on, guys? It’s your boy Brad from the YouTube channel Nurse Bass. And I’m here again in a collaborative effort with to tell you guys how to go about selecting the nursing program that’s right for you. Now, there’s several different things that you need to look at and consider whenever you’re researching nursing programs that you want to apply to.

Do you want to go into some kind of specialty work, for instance? There are different programs that offer different specialized classes in different areas and facets of nursing that may be more aligned with your career goals. Now, location is definitely another big piece that you want to consider whenever you’re looking at nursing programs. Also, flexibility. Of course, you want to find a program, a school that’s close to you, so you don’t have to spend so much money in gas getting to the actual campus. But another thing is the flexibility. Some programs offer day classes. Some programs offer evening classes. Me, personally, I’m a night owl. Right? That’s how I am. I’ve always been a night owl. And so whenever I was looking for programs, that’s one big thing that I needed to look at.

And I actually ended up getting into a program that has evening classes. Of course, if driving to campus is just too big of a hassle for you and it doesn’t line up with your needs, there are several nursing programs out there that offer online courses. Here, on this channel, Nurse Nicole is actually going to be doing a separate video on online nursing courses and programs, so you can be looking out for that in the future.

Speaking of clinicals, that’s another important piece to look at. Look at your programs, and look at the hospitals or the clinical sites that they rotate throughout. Are they major hospitals in your area? Are these places where you would be able to network? Are these places that you want to potentially work in the future? Very important to look at the clinical sites, not to mention, again, the location, the distance from where you are and how far you would have to travel in order to get to these clinical sites.

Let’s not forget the almighty dollar. You have to take into consideration how much the program costs. I know that’s the number one priority on a lot of our minds whenever we look at nursing programs. How much is it going to cost you to complete your education and graduate? Are you going to be left with debt? And that’s another important thing to consider– financial aid, scholarships, loans, those kinds of things. If you’re talking about scholarships, are there private scholarships? Are there scholarships that the school offers, governmental types of scholarships, different things of that nature? Moral of the story is there are scholarships, and there is free money out there to be had.

Believe it or not,– yes, right here in this very channel– on their website, they have three scholarships available. And they’re accepting applications until August 1st of this year, midnight Pacific Standard Time. If you want to find out more information about that, just check out the description. There are going to be links pointing you in that direction. And let’s not forget the two massive things. Probably the most important things that we need to consider. Right? Is the program accredited? And what are their NCLEX pass rates looking like? I’m going to leave two links right here on the screen, where you can go look up various programs and see whether they’re accredited or not.

But moral of the story with accreditation, this is what potential employers, future employers are looking at on your resume to see if the program that you graduated from is even accredited or not. If a program you’re looking at is not accredited, don’t go there. That is the end of the story. And as far as NCLEX pass rates goes, this is basically a gauge, a measure of what kind of education did they provide their nursing students with.

What kind of NCLEX pass rates are these nursing students having? If you look at a program, and they have an 85% NCLEX pass rate, that means only 85% of the nursing students that have graduated from their program are passing the NCLEX. That’s not a good statistic. You want to look for mid to upper 90s. And how many nursing program should you really apply to? That’s really up to you. Me, personally, I applied to one nursing program, and I got accepted. I was very lucky. But many people apply to multiple programs. And I know that this can be a very vague process at times. So lean on your mentors. Lean on your family, your friends, your current teachers. Hit up the nursing programs. They can help guide you through the process. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone. We’re all in this journey together, guys. Anyways, again, it’s Brad from the YouTube channel Nurse Bass.

I highly suggest you go subscribe. And subscribe here on Beautiful, beautiful content coming in the future. And go over to’s website, man. Do it. Stop procrastinating. They’ve got wonderful content. Again, check out those scholarships. If you need to learn any more information about nursing, that’s the place to go. Nurse Bass soon to be. See you in the next video. Peace. [MUSIC PLAYING].

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